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• Michael has been to Africa where he walked on the Serengeti and took a night train to Mombasa to drink gin in a barroom like that guy in that Warren Zevon song.
• Michael likes melted cheese sandwiches.
• Michael thinks The Lord Of The Rings books are works of heartbreaking genius.
• Michael loves Lawrence Of Arabia, which he used to go see at the Sashmill Cinema in Santa Cruz many times while he was growing up.
• Michael bought an instrument called a churango, made from an armadillo when he was in the Peruvian Andes.
• Michael has been to Burning Man twice.
• Michael loves Monty Python
• Michael was a pretty good fencer in high school and college, where he studied under the great Charles Selberg.
• Michael has fed sting rays from his hand.
• Michael loves the Original Star Trek.
• Michael is 6’ 2”
• Michael’s first kiss was at a stage door. His last kiss was in a parking lot.

This is a link to Michael’s TV credits.
• Michael studied Aikido for 3 years when he was a kid.
• Michael and his family lived in Yugoslavia for a year when he was four and five.
• Michael has had the same best friend since they were both five years old.
• Michael started playing guitar at 13.
• Under the guidance of a retired high school teacher named Mary Duffield, Michael sailed a lot when he was a teenager. That was great.

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